Episode 1

Follow Ki’s performances, studio work, zany humor and spirited lifestyle, from their humble beginnings to the transformation of their fans and their mission to build a better planet as they delight audiences with pure energy and a rainbow colored soundscape of rock, pop, funk, blues, folk, alternative and electronic music where anything is possible.

[TV-G]                 Language: English                Runtime: 1hour, 28 minutes


Episode 2

After a wildly successful debut year, Ki sets new intentions by campfire and builds a new space to elevate their hit factory. Kiley talks about a real-life tragedy that inspired the song Bring Me Back. The group travels out of state to Austin, Texas on an epic road trip to SXSW and plays a string of frenzied shows and are named one of the best bands at the music festival.

[TV-G]                 Language: English                Runtime: 26 minutes


Episode 3

Kiley and Erik put their producing skills to work and dive into production for the first songs recorded in The Ki Studio. Tony screams a lot. The creative process and stories for Breathe, Burning Down, Better Than This, and As Long As I’ve Got You are developed. The band takes a breather to recharge in the great outdoors. Studio time increases as a brand new live show goes into planning.

[TV-G]                 Language: English                Runtime: 32 minutes


Episode 4

Ki goes international, cruising through Cozumel and Costa Maya, performing 3 shows in 4 nights on the Norwegian Pearl where they were called “the future of music” by Nuno, of the band Extreme. Kiley, Erik, and Tony explore their grand purpose and the importance of celebrating every moment. A new music video is created using new techniques and eye-catching animations for Turn This Night Around.

[TV-G]                 Language: English                Runtime: 33 minutes