Pre-show rituals (from our interview with Digital Tour Bus)

The Ki pre-show ritual is like lighting a fuse attached to a huge pile of dynamite. We’re the kind of band that pops pills, has a few drinks and takes shots. To clarify, we take homeopathic energy supplements and oxygen pills. We drink water, green tea, Guru energy drinks and Just Chills. We take shots of aloe vera and immune boosters. Kiley’s always bringing containers of homemade vegan goodness, cookies, and pies. Our goal is to keep the rhythm airtight and on time, the energy high, and the sound pure and harmonious, so we supplement our health in every way that we can. The healthier and more energized we are, the more powerful our performance will be.

We do barbershop style vocal warmups so we are ready to sing together on stage. We do 500 jumps to get the blood flowing and the adrenaline pumping, so when the set begins we are fired up and ready to go. Last, but definitely not least, we huddle up, stack our left hands, touch fingertips above it with our right, count to three and let out a mighty KIIIIIIIIII-YAHHHH! This has come to be known as “touching tips and spanking the stack.”

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