New Single “She Knows” is Making People Dance!

Right now we’re in the studio tracking tons of fresh sounds and we are so stoked to share them with you!! We recently released a new single called “She Knows” — 50thirdand3rd Music Blog said it’s one of those singles that evoke strong emotional reactions.” A lot of people are saying that the song is making them dance and we want to know what kind of moves you rock out to!  — get a FREE DOWNLOAD here:

Some more reviews below…


“Ki came out of nowhere and hit the ground running. I have never seen a group rise to the top of everyone’s radar as fast as this group has. And it is completely deserved. “She Knows” is a great example of Kiley’s smooth delivery and vocal range – all carried by a band with an impressively controlled edge. The consistent punch of the chords hit you in the chest, the drums drive all the way to the end, and the slick guitar licks are tastefully arranged throughout the track. Rrrreal Good!”  – Josh Jose, Owner of The Acoustic Spot

“I LOVE KI’s new song, it gave me the chills, in a good way, before I knew it I wanted to get up and dance. Radness. How is that song not a hit on the radio right now??” – Kristen Leanne Style (YouTube Vlogger)

“She Knows is a great example of what Ki is all about, with tons of energy coming through in both the recording and the live performance. But there’s something extra happening here that feels mysterious and perhaps even sinister. Or am I crazy? Listen and decide yourself.” – Andy Altman, Owner/CEO of GigTown music app

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