One Year Anniversary Show at the Belly Up!

This show at the Belly Up marked our one year anniversary as a band. We had such a good time – so many familiar faces (and hundreds of new ones!), a rockin’ set, wild clothes, crazy dancing, balloons and free mini vegan sugar pumpkin pies with praline topping that we made for all the fans! Some songs from the live set are now available and can be heard here: Ki — Live at the Belly Up.

Below is a video Erik and I put together as a recap of some of our favorite moments from the last year! The first year has been quite the whirlwind of nearly twenty five shows, events, trips, silly times and some of my most cherished memories.

One fans review of the Belly Up show show said “It’s like pure energy. Literally every time you think you can guess where it’s gonna go, they take it to a whole new level. Charges you up and makes you feel full of life. It’s incredible.”

After each performance, we make it a point to go out and talk to all the fans. I can honestly say that these moments are among some of my most favorite — especially when we bring pie to handout! (yanno..who doesn’t love pie?!)

IMG_5971 IMG_5984 IMG_5978

IMG_5979 IMG_6028 IMG_6009

IMG_5986 IMG_5987

Photos above by the wonderful John Hancock and Alex Matthews

The apparent selfie we took with everyone at the end of the show…

Live at the belly up

And then here’s the legit photo taken of us taking the selfie with the crowd…

photo of the selfie

And now you can hear the LIVE tracks from the show – exclusively at Belly Up Live!! My personal favorites are “Breathe” and “Better Off Instead”! Have a listen for yourself and let me know which one are your favorites — also, pie suggestions..what pie would you like to try at the next show?! Let us know in the comments below!! 🙂

Live at the Belly Up

Till next time, fam!!

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