Help us win ‘People’s Voice’ for the International Songwriting Competition!


Hello wonderful friend! We have some extremely exciting news to share with you. ‘As Long As I’ve Got You’ made it to the finals of the International Songwriting Competition — out of 16,000 songs, ours was chosen for the top 16 in the Pop/Top 40 category (past winners include Vance Joy, Gotye, Passenger, etc.) This is…

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One Year Anniversary Show at the Belly Up!

On Stage with the Band Ki

This show at the Belly Up marked our one year anniversary as a band. We had such a good time – so many familiar faces (and hundreds of new ones!), a rockin’ set, wild clothes, crazy dancing, balloons and free mini vegan sugar pumpkin pies with praline topping that we made for all the fans! Some…

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Our NPR Tiny Desk Song “Bring Me Back”

Tiny Desk Submission

We love the Tiny Desk contest series at NPR so naturally we had to submit a video of our own for this years contest! We’re currently in the process of moving so what else are you supposed to do with 40+ boxes!? See the outcome in the video below…    

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Twenty One Pilots – Stressed Out and The Judge (Cover Mashup)

Stressed Out and The Judge Mashup by Ki

We LOVE Twenty One Pilots!! So naturally, we we’re stoked to do a mashup of two of our favorite songs by them. We took Stressed Out and The Judge and worked some Ki magic on them!! Watch it below and let us know what cover you want to hear next!!  

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New Cover of “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber

love yourself

I know what you’re probably thinking…”oh gosh, they covered Justin Bieber..” but hold your horses for just a moment, because Justin Bieber is really the bee’s knee’s (weird thought of if someone super-imposed the Biebs face onto the knees of bees…ummm?) anywho, what I’m trying to get at is this is a really good song. So naturally,…

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New Visualizers for ‘The Rising’ EP


Being our own production team, we’re always trying to one up our game from the last video, photo, concept, creation..whatever it may be. Even though we released ‘The Rising’ EP (which can be found on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify 😉 back in 2014, we’ve got some fresh new audio visualizers for you (made by Tony himself!) High fives for…

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New Single “She Knows” is Making People Dance!

Ki in the streets of OB

Right now we’re in the studio tracking tons of fresh sounds and we are so stoked to share them with you!! We recently released a new single called “She Knows” — 50thirdand3rd Music Blog said it’s “one of those singles that evoke strong emotional reactions.” A lot of people are saying that the song is making them dance and we…

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The making of “By The Sea” (and our love for Kettle Brand Chips…)

We love Kettle Brand

On a pirate the middle of the sea..playing music! What could be better?! A lot of people have wondered about our love for Kettle Brand Chips..well, besides consuming copious amounts of them, we casually made this update video including our favorite snack – and just months later, we we’re awarded with thousands of bags of…

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Official “By The Sea” Music Video

By The Sea Title Screen

We jumped off cliffs, surfed in the pacific, went paddle-boarding in the bay, played with fire, rocked out at a beach bon fire and played music on our friends pirate ship and it was THE BOMB DIGGITY! We give you By The Sea…     Watch “The Making Of By The Sea” here:  

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