“The sound of Ki is like a party going on in your ears, in your head, in your soul. You just wanna dance!”

With the slogan “Pure Energy,” the band Ki is named after the Japanese term for universal creative energy. Ki is a progressive San Diego, California group featuring three charismatic twenty somethings combining original, uplifting storytelling with provocative musical styling that blends high energy rock, pop, electronic, folk and soul. Led by production duo Kiley Halpern and Erik Pierce, Ki is a versatile sonic powerhouse bringing contemporary new sounds to classically inspired songwriting. Dubbed by the media as “The Human Ball of Fire,” frontwoman Kiley Halpern and lead guitar virtuoso Erik Pierce have built the beginnings of a timeless library of unforgettable melodies, combined with inventively psychedelic multi-media and thrill-a-minute performances with a comedic bend, labeled by press and fans as transformative and unlike anything seen before.

“I would compare their stage presence to the Stones, late 60’s. Completely explosive and alive.”

“The sound of Ki is like a yodel off the mountain tops, that just fills everything up with life!

"Ki s on a meteoric rise!" says Sound Image Touring. They were one of the breakout artists at the 1st Annual KAABOO Music Festival sharing the line-up with iconic entertainers (No Doubt, The Killers, Zac Brown Band)." They received nominations for San Diego Music Awards 'Best New Artist' and 'Best Pop Act,' made the rock flute cool again (not since Jethro Tull) and dominated a string of frenzied SXSW 2016 gigs that had one resident rock critic calling them “The best rock band to ever play SXSW.”

From taking home an honorable mention in the International Songwriting Competition to opening for bands like KISS and Extreme on the KISS Kruise VII, Ki is accelerating rapidly to international success.

“The sound of Ki is like nothing you’ve ever heard before and everything you want to hear again.”

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