New Cover of “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber

love yourself

I know what you’re probably thinking…”oh gosh, they covered Justin Bieber..” but hold your horses for just a moment, because Justin Bieber is really the bee’s knee’s (weird thought of if someone super-imposed the Biebs face onto the knees of bees…ummm?) anywho, what I’m trying to get at is this is a really good song. So naturally,…

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New Visualizers for ‘The Rising’ EP


Being our own production team, we’re always trying to one up our game from the last video, photo, concept, creation..whatever it may be. Even though we released ‘The Rising’ EP (which can be found on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify 😉 back in 2014, we’ve got some fresh new audio visualizers for you (made by Tony himself!) High fives for…

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